Financial Services / How to claim for a service

How to claim for a service in 5 easy steps

1. Check your service intervals
Make sure that you stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule.
Follow your service schedule to avoid future problems.
2. Make a booking
At your dealer of choice.
When your vehicle is due for its service (on mileage or in time for an annual service) make a booking at your Hyundai service centre.
3. Say you have a Hyundai Financial Services plan
Provide your plan number.
Tell your Hyundai dealership’s service consultant that you have a plan with Hyundai Financial Services and provide your Plan number.
4. Say you have a Hyundai Financial Services plan
The dealer will then call our Authorisation Centre.
For the go-ahead that we will provide for the components as per the service schedule.
  1. When the dealership service advisor has received authorisation, he will be allowed to start the service or repair.
  2. Authorisations can take up to 48hours.
  3. Authorisation office hours:
    1. Monday to Friday: 07h30 to 17h00
    2. Saturday: Saturday: 08h00 to 12h00
    3. This office is closed on public holidays.
5. Collect & Confirm
Collect and inspect your invoice and vehicle.
When you collect your vehicle from the dealer; make sure that the work was done to your satisfaction by inspecting the invoice and your vehicle before signing.
  1. The service advisor will invoice us for the service and / or repairs done.
  2. If there is any evidence of poor driver technique or negligence, you will be responsible for the payment of the repair costs.
  3. We will not refund or pay for any work done without it being duly authorised.
  4. It remains your responsibility to ensure that the Hyundai Authorised Facility obtains proper authorisation. You must settle the balance.
  5. Any services, repairs or parts not included in your Plan will be for your own account.