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Vehicle Insurance

We have partnered with MotorHappy to bring you Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance quotes that cover potential risks during your vehicle ownership lifecycle. All financial institutions require that vehicles financed through them have the vehicle insurance, therefore you need a reliable provider. We can help with that.

Insurance quotes can be requested at your dealership of choice or through our national call centre. Fill in the form on the right and we’ll call you back to discuss your options.

How will this benefit you?

  • Quick, accurate insurance quotes
  • Reliable insurers
  • Quotes that fit your needs and budget
  • Affordable payments
Product disclaimer

* Please read your relevant Vehicle Insurance policy schedule for a full list of the inclusions, limitations, terms and conditions that apply to your policy.

This service is brought to you by MotorHappy (Pty) Ltd, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 46123.

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